Complexity made easy!

Making the lives of professional people easy is our daily mission.

Increased efficiency and reduced workload

A new technology solution is rarely implemented without the objective being to achieve greater efficiency, reduced workload, and simplified processes. Our IT Specialists, ERP consultants and Application Developers are focussed on achieving just this for our customers.

Datema has established itself for over 25 years in the Scandinavian market as a leader in Mobility, Business System Processes, Retail Technology, Transport & Logistics, ERP and Integration. This extensive experience allows us to understand our customers challenges and how we can help solve them through technology.

We have worked with hundreds of large corporations to align solutions that simplify the everyday life of a complex work environment.

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Our business concept

IT solutions for Mobility, Business System Processes and Integration designed to deliver clear value to your organisation.

Bringing Technologies Together with Mobility Digitisation

Many organisations operate legacy IT systems. These systems are usually isolated to support a specific business area without communication to the outside world. What many companies are wrestling with today is the ability to separate information from different IT systems and bring them together into a common technology platform built on a modern IT structure, capable of mobility – The demand for an IT system that communicates with mobile devices is greater today than it has ever been.

Through our Integration expertise, we can make all internal systems work with each other so that information can be handled locally in a smoother way and distributed to mobile units. In this way, old meets new, which means older solutions are retained, investment costs are reduced, and operational disruptions are eliminated.

This type of digitisation enables organisations to gradually replace their older IT platforms without the need for high investment. In some cases, older IT structures may need to be replaced, but in many cases old and new can work perfectly well together.

When a decision is made to make a change in the business and move towards a more digitised business model, the investment is often valued based on the existing business model rather than looking ahead. This requires transparency from both parties in order to evaluate what impact an upgrade will have on the organisations current and future operations.

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