We search for the simplicity that lies beyond complexity!

In a technologically complex world, we always strive for simplicity without sacrificing quality.

“We endeavour to make peoples’ day-to-day professional lives simpler by always searching for the simplicity that lies beyond complexity.” This is something of a guiding light in the daily work we carry out on behalf of our clients. This should go without saying, for all companies whose business is complex IT solutions. We never choose a solution or means of execution unless we can achieve increased efficiency and reduced workloads that create simplified routines for those who use our solutions.

This is self-evident to the IT specialists, ERP consultants and application designers who form the backbone of our organisation in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It would be strange if, after 25 years as a Scandinavian market-leader in mobility, business system processes and integration, we had not come to an understanding of what our customers want.

We have helped a great many companies with a wide range of solutions that have simplified their day-to-day lives in a complex working environment. Today, we are also specialists in the fields of Retail, Transport & Logistics, ERP and Integration; providing services which always to a greater or larger degree work in unison to deliver the assignments we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Get an idea of what we can offer our clients in each business area and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a more in-depth explanation, or you would be interested in visiting us for an unconditional meeting.

Our business idea

Our business idea

We are a full-service provider of IT solutions in mobility, business system processes and integration; offering companies and organisations clear added value.

What does digitalisation mean to Datema?

A great many companies and organisations have IT systems that were built between the 1980s and the early 2000s. This type of system is often isolated to the business area it is intended to support and is not designed to communicate with the outside world to any great extent. Today, countless companies are struggling to separate information from these systems and be able to combine it in a common technical platform that works within a modern IT infrastructure and that can, above all, handle mobility. Today, the need for a system that communicates with mobile devices is great.

In this way, the old and the new can come together – allowing companies to keep those older solutions, reducing new investment costs and eliminating disruption to operations. We use our integration know-how to allow all of these internal systems to work with one another so that information can be managed locally in a more streamlined manner and shared with mobile devices. This type of digitalisation makes it possible for your company to gradually replace your older IT platforms without the need to invest excessive lump sums. In some cases, the replacement of aging IT infrastructure is unavoidable but in others – old and new can come together.

When a decision is taken to make a change in the organisation and move towards a more digitalised business model, new investments may be evaluated on the basis of the old existing business model and all new innovations compared with what works today, rather than giving consideration to how the upgrades will perform in an improved and, above all, enhanced manner. This demands an openness from both parties to evaluating the effects an upgrade will have on the company’s current operations and, if it is the intention to progress further in the future, you may quite simply require help – which is where companies and organisations turn to us.