Asset Management

Having control over their fleet of mobile devices can be difficult, but it is also something that is extremely important. It is a job that many companies struggle with. To best utilize their devices, there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed.

Some of the many questions that need to be answered are the following: Where are the units, how are they and are they upgraded to the software version we want? When is the time to change the units? Are there any agreements and what do they look like for the units? What will be the financial consequence of living with existing equipment or switching to newer ones?

In a future-focused company, all these aspects are very important. Thus, Asset Management is not alone in knowing how many units there are of specific models. Datema offers Asset Management tools to handle all these aspects. We at Datema also have the knowledge to help analyze and interpret the values ​​that exist. Economy, technology and logistics are all three important pillars to lean on. In order to make a correct analysis, it is necessary to understand how they interact. To get the best effect, this is something that needs to be handled, more or less, on an ongoing basis.