Various events

The events consist of everything from smaller conferences to roadshows, product launches, congresses, activities and parties. CWT M&E's customers can safely place the entire assignment in CWT's hands, which places high demands on order and clarity.

Datema Mobility's mission

The processes for conducting events can be extensive and complicated and as part of the development of the events CWT conducts, CWT wanted to offer its customers an App for small as well as large meetings where each participant should be able to manage their participation. Datema Mobility was commissioned to develop an Application that could be customized for each event based on a fixed basic structure.


The app was made available in English and Spanish and can be downloaded via the Appstore and Google Play. The main purpose is to gather all meeting information in one place. In this way, the owner of the meeting arrangement can publish general information about the meeting and also directed individual information to each of the meeting participants. Through the app, you as a user should be able to sign up for the meeting and other special events around a meeting, a kind of help with your trip – to and from the meeting, book hotels, book “break out sessions” and everything else that surrounds a meeting arrangement. Even a scan feature is built into the application to be able to read QR codes that can accompany a printed invitation or that often gives the meeting participant quick information in place for the meeting.

All in all for a better experience for the meeting participants and for the meeting organizer to be able to gather all information in one place. It simplifies planning for the meeting organizer, increases quality and service and minimizes the risk of errors occurring at the last second. Today, the application is used worldwide and is constantly being developed.

Technical facts

  • The app is available for Android and Iphone.
  • It is made in Xamarin.
  • The server runs in Microsoft’s cloud service Azure.