Market leader in Europe

Over the years, the company has acquired a large number of plastic manufacturers, including Perstorp from Sweden, which has made Schoeller Allibert one of the world's largest players in its segment.

The plastic products are most commonly used in agriculture, automotive, food and food processing, beverages, retail and Industrial manufacturing.

Datema Mobility's mission

Schoeller Allibert’s business is growing year by year, not only through the large number of acquisitions of plastic manufacturing companies. In the wake of their acquisitions, the requirements for the IT-technical solutions have been great in order to streamline operations. One of these areas that was in turn being organized was the warehousing where Schoeller Allibert wanted to create a system for a common platform for all its warehouses. The company only has over 20 warehouse hubs in Europe, all of which have a great need to be modernized from an IT perspective. The data was commissioned to review the inventory management, WLAN structure, choice of hardware and solution for remote control of the hardware.


Schoeller Allibert today works with the iScala business system. Datema has a perfectly customized storage solution for iScala, namely the Easy Warehouse software.

Easy Warehouse is certainly an independent software regardless of business system, but iScala as a business system is one of the systems we consult within, which is a perfect combination for the customers working in iScala. Easy Warehouse is a modular solution that is adapted to each customer’s needs and wishes, which in Schoeller Allibert’s case was no exception. The integration between inventory solutions and business systems is, as always, a complex task. Schoeller Allibert set out a requirements specification based on the business model from which it operates. The focus was on flows and what information you wanted the user to be able to see in the system at each work step. Based on this, an integration was created between EasyWarehouse and the business system where the information could flow in real time. The hardware consists of Zebra PDAs / scanners as well as fixed and mobile label printers from the same manufacturer. In the hardware delivery, all handsets are prepared with MDM, Mobile Device Management, for remote control. With the MDM software, the customer can directly connect to each handset via central support for software upgrades, changes and support. As part of the mission, a modern and powerful WLAN was required that was capable of full coverage regardless of where the warehouse is located. The data created the architecture of the network, which was then installed by third parties.

Datema has now installed storage solutions at two of Schoeller Allibert’s storage facilities and is in full swing with the next one. The plan is for all storage facilities to have a uniform fully functioning storage solution by 2018.

Areas in detail that the inventory solution handles:

  • Withdrawal / supply of materials for production.
  • Received from purchasing materials and returns.
  • Receipt of finished goods from production.
  • Stock Moves
  • Create co-ordinated transports at simultaneous delivery to several customers inventory
  • Inventory

Technical facts

  • EasyWarehouse ”Blueprint setup”
  • WLAN design and testing
  • Zebra Handheld MC9200
  • Zebra printer QLN420