Every day, data information in a variety of forms streams into and through your company.

Every day, data information in a variety of forms streams into and through your company. In order to rationalise this flow of information in a profitable and effective manner, it is vital to link your systems and teach them to automatically exchange information with one another. This process is called integration.

Integration then, is about managing the exchange of digital information between systems, applications and businesses with the aim of improving processes and routines and facilitating information sharing. This means that two or more stakeholders can deposit and withdraw information that gives them a mutual opportunity to become faster and better at what they do.

We have the expertise and tools necessary to integration; combined with an understanding of your company’s internal systems and business processes. These are the foundations on which our integration services are based. We offer a wide range of services; such as assistance in integrating new systems with old, coordination and automation of logistics streams between different companies, setting up EDI solutions for managing electronic invoicing, or integrating mobile service solutions with CRM. Opportunities for integration can be found throughout an organisation but the common factor is that they streamline the company’s processes and routines.

This is how it works

Integration is largely comprised of two elements. Firstly, the conversion of the various file formats used in the internal systems to make the files readable irrespective of the type of business management system. Secondly, the creation of a pathway to enable files (the traffic) to move between the disparate systems, placing them in a logic and categorising them in a new environment to be accessed via a new interface. In order to deal with this complex traffic, software is required to solve the management of data formats between the different operating environments. Information and files must be able to be sent between the different departments within the organisation, to suppliers, customers and stakeholders irrespective of their operating environment and system.

In the world of industrial IT mobility, users are increasingly demanding that all internal information be available no matter their physical location. In addition, it should be possible to work on, change and add files in exactly the same way as if the user were within the company’s four walls. This makes demands on the implementation of an integrated environment.

Aside from making possible requirements for full access, readability, editability and supplementation – Datema can also meet any demands regarding security and control and command. We are able to call on high levels of expertise in this field.

At Datema, we work with the majority of variations on integration. One common task is the linking of companies’ internal systems or ERP systems with various mobile solutions and new applications.

We regularly use a variety of integration platforms, such as Inobiz, but direct integration to APIs or web services is also common.

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