Over 15 years of experience with Epicor iScala®

You can contact us to discuss all types of issues related to iScala but also get quick help in emergency situations. Of course, you decide how critical your IT environment is and how quickly you want us to be in place to solve the problems or guide you further in the system. To help you along the way, we have created two levels of agreements - Premium and Premium Plus. Read more below.

The service services surrounding ERP consultation are a total commitment on our part, where the most complex is our everyday life. It is also our ERP consultants together with our mobility consultants who take care of all integrations.


    Ylva Backing

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Availability Agreement

As part of our offer, you as a customer can sign an accessibility agreement with us. It gives you a guarantee that we are always available to help quickly in emergency situations. The agreement also gives you discount rates on our hourly pay and a number of different service commitments as well as documentation of work done.

Business systems are regarded as the most sensitive area within a company and an operational failure or even downtime can damage a company’s business badly. An accessibility agreement guarantees you to always receive help in a critical situation and provides a security for you as a user. We strongly recommend signing an accessibility agreement.