Automated invoice management solutions

Today, most companies have automated the handling of all incoming invoices to more easily manage them in their business system to ensure attestation, ensure that all invoices are paid on time and that they are available digitally directly. Managing invoices manually is time-consuming and increases the risk of quantities being wrong or simply lost. The benefits of electronic invoice management are many and we have chosen to offer our customers solutions that are adapted to the size of the company and the amount of invoices you handle. In essence, there are a couple of main components that Electronic Invoice Management is based on – reading and interpreting invoices, matching with purchase orders and agreements, certification, accounting and invoicing.

Today we are resellers, consultants and recommended service and support partners for Rillion and ReadSoft (Kofax). Rillion offers two different solutions for electronic invoice management: Rillion One (formerly Centsoft) and Rillion Prime (formerly Palette) and our solutions fit all business systems in the market. Contact us and we will tell you more about electronic invoice management and how it can simplify your company’s everyday life.