Integrate external users into the company’s processes

The needs in mobility often extend beyond your own organization. Companies have valuable processes that often include steps that need to be passed on to an external party to be implemented. With the help of Datema EasyLogic you can control both the inflow and the outflow of information to external users, without any manual processes for handling this information. The flow is designed based on what the external user needs to get information about, and what information you want to get back from the external user.

You can then create a session in Datema EasyLogic that is only active for the external user during this registration. The external user receives an SMS or an email and can run the session in a browser or in an app. No login or additional information is required, everything is prepared in the unique session.

Areas that can be made more efficient are, for example, faster digital follow-up of completed work or a digital confirmation of the end customer. By digitizing these flows, for example, you can ensure a much faster invoicing after delivery. Other possibilities of relocating feeds to external users may be easier to follow up status updates for a job (for example, when delaying, re-scheduling, ordering external material, etc.).

Datema EasyLogic is the perfect tool for integrating external users into the company’s valuable processes.

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