Maxima LT in Lithuania chooses EasyShop for its self-scanning solution

In collaboration with StrongPoint Lithuania, we implement our EasyShop self-scanning solution in one of Maxima LT’s largest food chain stores in Vilnius, Lithuania. As a result, Maxima LT is first released in Lithuania with self-scanning.

Maxima LT is the largest food chain in Lithuania and the largest employer in the Baltic States. Maxima LT opened its first stores in Vilnius in 1992 and today there are 237 stores around Lithuania. More than 550,000 people visit the shops every day. Their vision is to be a leader in retail and that it should be convenient for buyers to shop with them.

In collaboration with StrongPoint Litatuen, Maxima LT, as the first store in Lithuania, implemented our self-scanning solution EasyShop in one of its stores in Vilnius. In addition to the EasyShop software, the solution consists of check-in units, 126 handhelds (scanners) and several digital boxes (check-out units).

Datema Retail is very proud of Maxima LT’s decision to introduce EasyShop as a self-scanning solution in their store system and that they are the first to introduce self-scanning in Lithuania!