Mobile Device Management – Easy Control Asset Management

With Easy Control you manage all of the company's mobile devices such as PDAs, smartphones, laptops and tablets. It is also an inventory system to control and get an overview of its entire mobile IT environment.


    Per Wallmon

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Full control and high security

Easy Control gives you full control over the company’s mobile devices – how many do we have? Who are the users? Where are the units located in real time geographically? What does the service commitment look like? Do we need to update the software? Do devices require repair? Are they protected from infringement? What can users do and not do? When is the time to change the units, are there any agreements and what do they look like for the units? What will be the financial consequence of living with existing equipment or switching to newer ones?

Many issues to deal with. The mobile way of working places demands on the management of mobile devices and it is complicated to create full control without aids. Easy Control is an important part of the mobile IT solution – a scalable and cloud-based solution that gives your company full control and high security.

With Easy Control you get:

  • full control of all the company’s mobile devices, its operating systems and software.
  • easy management of technology and licensing process, we deliver the entire solution as a cloud service.
  • overview of your costs throughout the life of the system.
  • an easy-to-understand overview of which units you have, which ones are active and when it is time to change, which facilitates budgeting and purchasing.
  • enhanced security with remote erasure or locking device so that sensitive information does not go wrong if the device is lost.
  • support for most of all mobiles and tablets with Android, iOS and Windows.

You choose the level of solution that best suits your business. We help you analyze the need for best control and we tailor and customize your Easy Control Asset Management solution.