Revolution in the development of solutions

All our customers have some kind of flow in their business. Flows and working methods are quickly changed by internal or external factors, and business systems rarely keep pace with the changes needed. With EasyLogic, we lift the flow from the business system, tailor it and integrate it back into the business system or leave the flow outside. If you want to add or change existing EasyLogic feeds, you can do it quickly and easily.

EasyLogic is a platform with an associated mobile application that is independent of operating system or hardware.

EasyLogic is suitable for all types of companies. You decide how comprehensive your solution should be. Should it be integrated or work outside your business system? We also have suggestions for ready-made hardware packages.


    Per Wallmon

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How does it work?

Your business is unique, which also requires its unique solution. In order to put together an optimal solution, we must have a full understanding of this management. Our experience shows that the people who work everyday with the activities we are going to support should be involved from the start to achieve the best results. Therefore, we have developed a work process in three simple steps:

  1. Identification of needs / Needs analysis

We find out how your business works and how you want to work. Then, together with you, we make a suggestion of what you need. If we do the needs analysis in the form of a workshop, we can often produce an executable demo already in place. Everything is put together in a functional description that forms the basis of a quote.

  1. Configuration and testing

We configure the platform and present a POC where we go through function for function and make the necessary changes. When you decide on a solution, we put everything together, solve the integrations together and test all functions in your environment in place

  1. Go live

This is the last step. When the solution is approved, it implements with you and ensures that you can start working in the system directly.


The steps above we usually carry out within a month.