We always take responsibility for the hardware

Datema always offers the possibility of configuring the hardware we deliver to our customers, regardless of whether we purchased the hardware on behalf of the customer or if the customer chooses to do so himself. We always take responsibility for the hardware to work directly when you remove the product or goods from the packaging. This means that, among other things, we install the right operating system and software and prepare them for the networks and internal systems with which the units will communicate.



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We help you choose the right one

Hardware, technology and software go hand in hand with each other to make a solution work mobile. Of course, we help you find the right choice of products. Call or email one of our consultants and hardware experts and they will guide you to the right choice of hardware and technology.

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In our webshop you will find barcode scanners, PDAs, truck computers, tablets, label printers, network products, accessories and much more. Durable products for professional use! In addition, we combine this with a large number of peripheral services that make your work day easier; service and support, financing, software management, preparation, distribution and more.

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