We make the complex easy when it comes to mobility!

Mobility for the uninitiated may seem complicated and certain, there is a lot of technology combined with a number of different types of software that make mobility work seamlessly, but it is our job to make a complicated work environment easy for users to understand and work in. Below you have the main services and products we offer. Click on the respective heading to get more in-depth information.


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Consultation, workshops and mobile strategies

Often in an IT mobility project, we recommend a workshop to thoroughly analyze the needs and opportunities of a mobile strategy. Our combined experience in mobility projects guarantees the right choice of hardware and software, functionality, integrations, financial planning and, not least, risk minimization.

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Project Management

In our more extensive projects, we appoint a dedicated project manager who guarantees an assignment’s set goals in terms of implementation, time and costs.
Datema uses a well-developed project model to support all work carried out in project form. The model describes how the portfolio and projects are to be managed, how the projects are to be managed and what work is typically included in a project. The project manager has overall responsibility for the project team’s efforts and deliveries. The project model should be seen as a useful tool in the project manager’s daily work, with the aim of achieving the high goals and ensuring the quality, time and cost of the projects.

The role of the project manager at Datema varies depending on the type of project we are involved in. The short description could be “Managing projects”. A formal definition could be “A well-planned and organized effort to achieve, within schedule and budget, the set project goals”.

This summary includes planning and budgeting, ongoing evaluations of project progress and performance, implementation of preventive and corrective actions, risk assessment, ongoing communication with the project’s client, project office, stakeholders and more. There are many requirements for what a project manager should master. He or she must be a competent leader and communicator in all parts of the organization, be the one who creates clarity and structure, always have a good overview and at the same time have full control over the smallest detail in planning, risk management, budgeting and follow-up, and any deviations.


In order to rationalize the flow of information in a profitable and efficient way, it is necessary that the systems be linked together and learn to exchange information automatically. This process is called integration.

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Network (WLAN)

WLANs, or wireless networks as they are called, are everywhere. There is a big difference between the simple networks in our homes and in smaller offices compared to the more comprehensive solutions we see in larger stores, warehouses, industrial buildings or construction sites.

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Operating solutions (management)

Instead of investing in our own high-tech technology with high capacity, you can let us handle all the management of the business’s various types of system processes to ensure functions, flows and technology without any disruptions around the clock. Depending on the type of operation required, we choose Datema’s own operations center or solutions in the cloud. Regardless of the solution, we always deliver the highest level of security to protect your company’s work process.

Our operating solutions:

  • High capacity data hall
  • Cloud
  • Software Services
  • Mobility Services
  • Integrations
  • Service and support


Rent your hardware and peripherals instead of buying them!

Datema offers financing in the form of leasing of products and services. In fact, it is no more complicated than that we offer a 36-month arrangement where all products and services we deliver are converted into a rental agreement. For most people, it is a convenient solution to spread the costs.

Service and support

Service and support are a natural part of our offering. Our customers should feel confident that we take care of problems that arise along the way.

Service at different levels
Our service commitment is offered at different levels, all to customize our efforts as needed and desires. In most cases, our clients choose a full service commitment which means that we take responsibility for the technology and hardware we supply. If a unit stops working, we will arrange a new one within 24 hours, fully functioning with the operating systems and software that will be included. If stored information is stored on the unit, we ensure that the replacement with is updated with the same information. Of course, this means that we make sure that all units are always backed up.

Between 07:00 and 17:00 we have staff on site and you can call your service case to them. In the service commitment, we always offer the opportunity to connect Easy Control to the hardware we supply. This way, we can quickly help customers on site by remotely controlling their units. It is the absolute fastest remedy for any malfunction.
The level of our service and support offer is always priced according to the customer’s needs.

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Datema Mobility Academy


With the knowledge, system solutions and contacts with leading technology suppliers we have, we have started Datema Mobility Academy.

Revolution within application development

Datema works with all types of mobility tasks that can be more or less complicated. Most often in combination with an entire integration process and hardware to make an entire workflow work seamlessly and smoothly, but the development for customizing software has progressed rapidly in recent years and today the lead times are shortened and simplified.
Easy Control

Mobile Device Management – Easy Control Asset Management

Easy Control Asset Management is what is known in the market as Mobile Device Management.

We always take responsibility for the hardware

We offer hardware for all types of mobility! Barcode scanners, PDAs, truck computers, tablets, label printers, network products, accessories and much more.