We are developing tomorrow's self-scanning system

Being able to quickly manage their purchases in stores is a habit for consumers - no one wants to waste unnecessary time on shopping or stand in cash lines.

It is crucial for the store's success to follow the development of various shopping solutions in order to compete for the customers' attention. The data is at the forefront when it comes to the development of self-scanning solutions. We work with some of the largest retail chains in Scandinavia and Europe and are part of the development of modern shopping solutions.

We want to give you insight into how our self-scanning EasyShop solution works and what benefits you give your customers and your store - benefits that make your business competitive and customer-focused.


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Self-scanning is easy for everyone

The customer selects the store’s scanner or their own smartphone and reads the barcodes on the goods before they end up in the bag.

After completing the purchase round, the customer leaves the store’s scanner at check-out, pays and leaves the store. There is no need to unpack and pack at checkout.

If the customer has bought using his smartphone, you pay via it and walk straight out of the store. Smooth, simple and high service factor!

Our experience of self-scanning is extensive

Datema Retail has over the years gathered a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the self-scanning area for stores. Our deep understanding of both business processes and integrations and IT solutions makes our offering unique. In other words, you can feel confident that our solutions will be adapted to your business needs and changes far into the future. Over the past ten years, we have developed self-scanning to what it is today and we have carried out almost 600 installations in the shop of self-scanning in Sweden and Europe. Self-scanning is today an established phenomenon in Europe and has become a great success!

To give some examples of features that customers appreciate

  • Self-scanning (default)
  • Change the number of items manually
  • Enlarge text
  • Video for promotional purposes
  • Warning message for products that require you to be over 18 to shop
  • Queue function for, for example, delicacy dishes
  • Recipes and tips
  • Change your personal settings
  • Save favorites

More benefits for both consumers and shop owners.

EasyShops business benefits

  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Rapid return on invested funds
  • Includes more store management features
  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • Powerful integration
  • Modern architecture
  • Increases consumer experience
  • Reduces the cost of cash lines
  • Easy to customize
  • Includes in-store operations
  • Provides customers with a simple and secure method for shopping fast
  • Improves customer decision-making process
  • Increases customer shopping experience
  • Increases store sales
  • Helps merchants gain a better understanding of customer shopping habits
"Consumers today expect choices in how they receive their purchase, collect it in-store, receive it at home or at a collecting point.”
Nadim Ghafoor
Director of Business Development, Datema Retail