To feel chosen

The basics of being able to self-scan goods are perceived in themselves as an advantage by the customers because they feel selected and that they have the store's trust. You simply feel like a VIP customer. Below we have listed some of the most important benefits for your customers and for you as a shop owner.

Benefits for the consumer

Shopping list
Create your own shopping list online and pick it up in your scanner in-store.

Product Information
Content, Allergies, Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, Recipe Suggestions.

Reduced shopping time
Reduced shopping time by an average of 15 minutes.

Intuitive interface
Price information, current discounts and total amount when shopping.

Historical data
Get up old shopping lists, see score status, current offers and much more.

Personalized offers
Ready offers and promotions based on past purchases and where you are in the store.

Hand scanner or smartphone
Select the shop scanner or your own smartphone – EasyShop works just as well no matter what your choice!

End of queuing
Plot your goods directly in the bag, pay at the check-out station or via your app. No queues and you leave the store in a hurry! If you do not want to wait for manual counters, such as at a deli counter, then EasyShop will take care of the queue for you and tell you when it is your turn.

Store navigation
Find the item directly through the map feature.

Pay directly with mobile
The fastest and smoothest way to pay for your goods.

Pre-ordered goods are arranged with EasyShop
Do you have pre-ordered goods or want an item delivered to the store? EasyShop keeps track of everything and notifies you when you can pick up at the store or when your item is delivered home.

Benefits for you as a shop owner

Flexible solution
Seamless integration with your POS system and other back office systems.

Reduced wastage
Studies show that with self-scanning, wastage is significantly reduced.

Fewer check-out lines
You lower your cash management costs and your staff can instead help the customers in the store.

Increased sales
With self-scanning, sales increase on average by 7%.

More customers and simultaneously in the shop
With self-scanning you get a faster flow in the store.

Full control of customers ‘shopping habits
All data on your customers’ shopping behavior is collected for analysis.

Easier to target customized offers
With the help of the unified data, you can customize your offers down to the personal level.

Customers feel like VIPs
Customers feel privileged when they self-scan.

Increases customer loyalty
Customers shop in stores with self-scanning rather than without.