Comfort is crucial

The amount of goods a customer buys does not matter, it is convenience that is crucial. In our surveys, customers say that they are also looking for a shop that offers self-scanning rather than one that does not. If you have started self-scanning, you would like to continue with it.


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Here's how EasyShop works

Starting a buying round with the help of self-scanning looks pretty similar in most stores. Most stores like to see that customers have signed up to self-scan and thus have access to lift a self-scanning unit from the wall where they are located, usually in the entrance. Then you use the store’s loyalty scrap or your own driving license. To identify themselves, this is done by putting the card against a reader where all self-scanning devices are located. When the card is accepted, the unit flashes that the customer can lift and start self-scanning with. As easy as it sounds!

EasyShop, the software itself or the application that most people call it, is easy for consumers to use. You don’t have to do anything but go to the first item you want to buy, point the scanner at the barcode and press the button and the scanner will read the product and place it at the top of the list visible on the screen.

EasyShop has some smart features that greatly simplify the purchase procedure. Among other things, if you buy large quantities of one and the same product, you do not need to press the button to scan each product. No, you scan one and then tap the screen where the item is displayed and enter the number of items you picked and it will automatically change in the list. As smoothly as possible. When you have filled your bags and shopped, you go to the check-out station and pay for your goods and leave the shop. You do not have to queue, you do not have to pick up the goods on the cash strap and you do not have to pick them up in a bag. Self-scanning should be easy for everyone and EasyShop has made it even easier!

We develop our self-scanning software continuously

As part of being able to offer the market’s most powerful self-scanning solution, we are constantly developing our software – all in order for our products to build on the latest technology, include new requested functionality, be reliable, easy to maintain and hardware independent. As a customer you should not be technologically bound.

We offer end customers as well as retailers a new and unique dimension of “portable shopping” with great flexibility. This means that our solution adapts to your business, regardless of size and growth rate.

Datema Retail has over the years gathered a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the area of ​​self-scanning. Our deep understanding of both business processes and integrations and IT solutions makes our offering unique. In other words, you can feel confident that our solutions will be adapted to your business needs and changes far into the future.

The technology behind EasyShop

Most stores now have established cash registers that are the hub of the store’s entire business process. Most self-scanning systems offered in the market require their solution to be part of the cash system, but this does not apply to EasyShop. We put the solution in parallel with the checkout system and collect only the information required to manage a purchase round for self-scanning. The price engine and payment are added as a separate function that communicates with the cash system for current pricing of the product, any discounts and as well as unique offers for the customer. EasyShop self-scanning is easy to implement in any type of checkout system. Most of our customers are in a test environment of less than 30 days.

EasyShop software
EasyShop is designed for both a self-scanning device that the store offers its customers as well as for a smartphone. The shop owner chooses which solution they think suits their customers best. The interface should be simple and quick to understand and we always offer our customers a basic set of bases. If the customer wants us to design the software according to a special graphic profile, we are happy to do so, no problem. Today we work with the Android operating system for the best experience and service.

EasyShop offers a range of features that the store can switch on or off at any time they wish. Everything is based on what service you want to give your customers and what opportunity the store has to offer the information that is possible to provide.

The customer starts his or her purchase round at work or at home on the sofa
EasyShop is part of the new buying behavior. Today, many people choose to plan their everyday shopping before they embark on their shopping trip. Purchase lists, pre-ordered goods and checking that the goods are on a shelf or store in the store are service functions that only work. EasyShop offers all the interaction your customers are looking for and in this way we move out the store’s service where your customers are currently.

EasyShop is also prepared for so-called In Store Operations

For you as a shop owner, EasyShop is easy to handle for your employees. We have added features to our software that expand the scope significantly. Among other things, you can manage inventory and inventory balances. We have also prepared various forms of picking solutions for pre-ordered goods to be packed and picked up by the customer himself or by a courier company.

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