Transport & Logistics

No matter what role transport and logistics plays in your business, we know which IT parameters and technology are best suited to your processes and controls. Our aim is to simplify, create flexibility and reduce costs.

IT consultation for transport and logistics

There is a natural explanation as to why we specifically target our IT services at transport and logistics organisations. For over 15 years we have worked with clients in postal distribution, transport and logistics. During these years we have built up a wealth of knowledge encompassing everything from the most straightforward solutions to complicated IT architectures.

We currently work with Norway Post/Bring, Post Nord, Schenker and Fleet 101 to name but a few. We help them with everything from customised applications for delivery drivers’ PDAs to integration with internal systems and pure consultation services aimed at streamlining logistics streams and processes. The common goal of these assignments is to reduce costs and streamline the organisation at all levels; something which makes high demands on mobile platforms, technical developments and secure integration.

Everything we do has its basis in an understanding of business-critical functions. Because, depending on which transport and logistics sector you work in, the business logic you use can appear quite different. It is therefore important to carry out a thorough analysis and set up a targeted strategy as a point of departure. We always recommend a thorough review of the parameters governing a transport and logistics solution in order to obtain a clear picture of the logic and technology involved. In this way, we are always able to deliver a successful, on-budget result with nothing left to chance.


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Without doubt, our greatest strength is the ability to combine an understanding of our client’s needs and wishes and the technical know-how to translate this into a functioning mobile business process

And then there was the matter of mobility…

These days, our IT services revolve around what is known as mobility; irrespective of whether it takes the form of a self-scanning or transport and logistics solution. In principle, all businesses now work more or less on a mobile basis. The companies that come to us are looking for a mobile solution customised for their own business. This may take the form of hard-wearing hand-held computers with expanded functionality and programs or more advanced uses such as being able to run selected functions of the company’s business management system from a mobile phone, or directly administer an entire purchase procedure from order through to final invoice.

Mobility increases the company’s efficiency and contributes to reducing costs on all levels. Datema enter the picture as precisely the supplier that can provide you with everything you need to develop a mobile strategy that meets your business needs. Should we need to integrate our solutions with a variety of internal and external systems with different interfaces and with mobile devices, we will resolve it.

Integration is the be-all and end-all when working with mobile system solutions; it is from and to these various systems that information needs to flow. No matter where in the world you find yourself or which device you are working with, the information you need should be at your fingertips and able to be processed. To put it in a nutshell, mobility is built on a number of elements of which our software is both the most visible and that which cuts lead times and provides our client’s employees and customers with an enhanced service.

Without doubt, our greatest strength is the ability to combine an understanding of our client’s needs and wishes and the technical know-how to translate this into a functioning mobile business process. Consultation combined with systems development, integration, technology, operation and service – the key to a comprehensive commitment to your business!